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  • New year, new marketing technology. At least that’s what we’re seeing from some of our clients here at CP. Within the last 4 months, six of our retail clients have migrated, or have plans to migrate to new Email Service Providers. They have been migrating away from large ESPs to
  • This has been the year of the omnichannel shopper, and with the upcoming holiday season, that trend will only continue. In fact, over 56% of customers plan to shop in a department store this year, and nearly 57% plan to shop online, per the NRF Holiday Headquarters. Customers want a
  • For many marketers, organizing data into individual customer profiles’ is common practice. Organizing information in this way makes it easier to look up information about customers, and target them with personalized communication. But how much information does your customer profile truly have about your customers? Let’s say you have a
  • Last year we saw a lot of discussion about the customer journey and why brands should be focusing on that journey to improve business results. As we enter 2018, we have seen our clients begin to understand the importance of a customer journey. We’re seeing them move away from just
  • Customer Portfolios recently hosted our 2nd Marketer Roundtable in NYC. The theme of this half-day event was “Personalization: Online + Offline.” The focus of discussion was how to personalize customer communications across all channels. Specifically, our presenters and attendees discussed how brands can (and should) merge online and offline data
  • At last week’s Millennium Alliance Digital Retail Transformation Assembly in Nashville, personalization was on everyone’s mind. Everyone has some amount of data to work with, and everyone has their pain points when it comes to creating that targeted, personalized customer experience. What I found to be interesting was these pain
  • The air is starting to get crisp in New England, which means the leaves are turning and leaf peepers are starting to plan their routes for weekend road trips. Similarly, marketers should be looking past the holiday season and starting to plan their road trips for 2018. There are many
  • On Halloween night, kids are easily frightened by ghosts, ghouls, and goblins, but as adults we know that they’re just decorations, and the child’s fear comes from not fully understanding what they are seeing. The same can be said for MarTech; in a rapidly changing industry, there are a lot
  • Learn the lingo of our analytical and marketing experts… CP is celebrating our 16th Birthday this month! We started out in the fall of 2001, with two main offices: a basement in Hopkinton and my kitchen in Wenham. In 2004, we attended a client meeting at Harpoon Brewery, and I mentioned
  • Learn the lingo of our analytical and marketing experts… This month, CP is celebrating our 16th birthday! We have come a long way from our office above Harpoon Brewery. Since our founding in 2001, we have built a company of data scientists and marketing experts who know how to analyze
  • Does this scenario sound familiar to you? You or your children have been out for summer break for a couple of weeks now. You are scrolling through your phone for some fun summer things to plan when… you begin to see ads promoting backpacks and notebooks! As a consumer, thinking
  • We have finally reached the end of our workout. Congrats! This is the final part of a five-part blog series that gives strategic advice on how to optimize your email marketing strategy to attract and retain customers. For a quick refresh and warm up, check out parts one, two,  three,