About Customer Portfolios

We build Best Customers

We work with brands to help them build Best Customers and to grow their business. We do this through integrating their 1st party data in our Customer Data Platform with comprehensive customer profile generating actionable insights, and using these insights to execute automated Strategic Lifecycle Marketing via all outbound channels. The focus of these Strategic Lifecycle Marketing initiatives is

to encourage customers to move through their journey to become Best Customers while maximizing their Future Value over the Next 12 Months (N12M). Our customer centric marketing is powered with a detailed understanding of segments, their Future Value, the next best product offer, discount timing, and how much to invest by customer segment and marketing channel.

Nick Godfrey, Customer Portfolios Co-Founder and EVP
Augie MacCurrach, Customer Portfolios Founder and CEO
Nick Godfrey, Customer Portfolios Co-Founder and EVP
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