Lifecycle Services

Our marketing services team at Customer Portfolios acts like an extension of your marketing team to leverage our platform and intelligence. Marketing analysts deliver insight about your business, and are available to answer all questions about the impact of marketing on your bottom line.

Our strategic marketers help make the most of our customer intelligence and platform, and our marketing execution team creates and executes your lifecycle and ad-hoc campaigns without flaws. We bridge the gap between database operations and customer strategy to enable brands to collect, analyze, and act on customer insights.


Strategic Services

Customer Portfolios gives marketers the tools to execute Strategic Lifecycle Marketing. We also have strategic marketers who know how to leverage the platform and insight, and work with you to grow your portfolio of customers.

Our strategists help you determine:

  • Marketing goals and how well the tactics performed against those goals
  • The opportunities to refine, grow, and test the marketing strategy and how we tackle those opportunities
  • Coordination and orchestration across all outbound channels and partners and getting the data back for a Complete View of Customer

Analytical Services

Customer Portfolios’ strategic marketing analysts work with customer data to answer the “what-if” and other questions that affect your business.

Our analysts look strategically at your data to answer questions such as:

  • Who are my Best Customers and how much will they spend in the Next 12 Months?
  • Where did my Best Customers come from?
  • How large a revenue impact is generated for each 1% increase in Best Customer conversion in Next 12 Months?

Marketing Services

Our talented subject matter experts work within your existing platforms to execute targeted Strategic Lifecycle Marketing across all channels.

The marketing services include:

  • Employing best practices to draft and recommend campaigns, programs, and creative
  • Creating and executing ad-hoc and lifecycle communications without flaws
  • Expertise with many marketing platforms, a wide variety of retail businesses and all execution tactics