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Portfolio Pathing – Planning Your Road Trip for 2018

The air is starting to get crisp in New England, which means the leaves are turning and leaf peepers are starting to plan their routes for weekend road trips. Similarly, marketers should be looking past the holiday season and starting to plan their road trips for 2018. There are many ways to go about this, but we believe that putting the customer in the center of all your marketing activities should be the starting point that will lead you down a path to generate the most incremental revenue.

Planning the route for your customer-centric road trip can be a difficult transition, but Customer Portfolios has a product that makes the initial process a little easier.  Portfolio Pathing is a comprehensive product that applies advanced analytics to customer behaviors in order to define unique lifecycle opportunities. We help you consolidate your data, analyze it for key insights, and give you the strategic road map that will get you to your end goal.

  1. Consolidate Your Data – The first step to prepare for any road trip is to list all the key sights you want to see. Researching and creating one combined list will keep you organized as you start to plan your trip. To start your customer-centric marketing roadmap, you should begin by collecting all of your customer data into a single location. During Portfolio Pathing, we collect customer data from your ESP, POS, ecommerce and OMS into one an analytical data mart. We collect information about your customers, their transaction history, and product information about their transactions. We collect this information from all your disparate sources, and organize it into individual customer profiles, so you can see all the information about each customer all in one place.
  2. Understand Key Insights – Now that you know where everyone wants to go, you should plot all the sights on a map to see a general overview of where the points fall. Similarly, analyzing your customer data will tell you where your customers fall in the lifecycle. Without analyzing your data, you have no baseline for how to draw your roadmap. During Portfolio Pathing, CP’s team of analysts look at metrics such as customer lifetime orders and order value, definition of optimal repurchase cycle, customer propensity to repurchase vs. attrite, and many more. All of this information is given back to you in executive-level dashboards, providing the points on a map from which to build your road trip.
  3. Predict Future Value – After all the initial prep, you can start to map out your road trip. By connecting the points on the map, you know exactly where you are going and how you will be getting there. By leveraging the key insights from our analysis, we help you build a road map for 2018 that focuses on the customer as your greatest asset. We provide you with a set of recommendations based on our analysis, including future value creation, customer attrition risk, customer acquisition optimization, and next best offer recommendations. Our team of analysts and marketing strategists will help you use this information about your customers to help you plan your marketing journey for 2018.

The best part of the process: CP will provide roadside assistance throughout your whole trip. If you get lost on your journey, if you’re not sure you can hit all the sights you want, or if you’re not sure where to go next, CP can provide the support you need to reach your destination. With over 15 years of experience helping clients raise millions of dollars in revenue, our team is trained to help you get where you want to go.

Doing a little planning up front can make your road trip stress-free and enjoyable for all. With CP’s Portfolio Pathing product, we can help you plan your 2018 road map in a matter of weeks. For more information about how you can start to plan for next year, send us an email at