Data happens – the ones who know what to do with it WIN!

Customer Portfolios understands your brand’s most important asset – your customers!

All of your brand’s value comes from current and future customers. At Customer Portfolios, it is our mission to provide customer analytics and insight to increase the value of your customer asset in measurable ways. Customers are inundated with branded-messaging on a daily basis, and unless you understand your customer and can speak to them in a relevant way, your messaging is going to be lost among the masses.


We guide our clients through the process of putting customers at the center of their business.

Using advanced analytics, we identify actionable insights from specific behaviors across the buying lifecycle. Leveraging these insights, we execute targeted and measurable Lifecycle Marketing campaigns using our proprietary marketing technology. The result is an increase in lifetime value across your portfolio of customers.



We know the future of business looks very different. Will you be ready for it?

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We are both analytical and creative! We apply this approach to turning customer data into strategic marketing campaigns.

To do this, we bring together the right technology, people and industry experience to execute marketing campaigns that capture, retain, and grow customers.

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We make data actionable

We eat, sleep and breathe data. We then we put that data into high gear. That’s what makes Customer Portfolios different than the rest.

We integrate all disparate data sources to build a truly robust marketing database that grows as your business does.

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Clients see impressive ROI

We help leading brands turn customer databases into a strategic asset that drives revenue.

By strategically targeting customers and prospects, our clients see an increase in key customer performance areas such as revenue, retention and spending.

Customer Portfolios Products

We’ve developed a world class suite of products focused on building lasting customer relationships.

By receiving data in real-time, our analytics tell you what your customers like, what they don’t, and what their optimal path is to achieving loyalty.

With a focus on behavior based insights, our analytics fuel more relevant customer communications and accelerated revenue.

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Customer Portfolios Services

We’re obsessed with DATA! Our team of strategic marketers and analysts eat, sleep, and breathe customer data.

Data can be extremely complex. Having the right technology and processes in place is only half the battle. You need to have the right team in place to help manage the intricacies of data.

At Customer Portfolios, our team of analytical and marketing experts enables brands to execute marketing campaigns that speak to each customer on a 1:1 basis.

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Customer Portfolios Platform

You’re not dreaming! What if we told you that you could now have endless data all in one platform.

Imagine having all of the data about your customers and prospects in one central location. Our robust CRM and marketing automation platform enables data collection, distribution, integration and automation which facilitates personalized, cross-channel marketing that produces extraordinary results.

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