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How to Speak CP – Part I

Learn the lingo of our analytical and marketing experts…

This month, CP is celebrating our 16th birthday! We have come a long way from our office above Harpoon Brewery. Since our founding in 2001, we have built a company of data scientists and marketing experts who know how to analyze customer data to create targeted and relevant lifecycle marketing campaigns that grow customer value. Along the way, we’ve also let loose and created an energetic and youthful culture that shines through in our outings to Red Sox games, Casino Night, bowling, and many, many happy hours at Harpoon Brewery.

Over the past 16 years, we’ve also had the chance to work with some amazing brands across varying industries, including companies such as:  HarborOne Bank, Dunkin Donuts, Vera Bradley, and more. By helping them become more customer-centric, they are able to generate millions of dollars in revenue. During this time, we have expanded on commonly accepted and used industry vernacular and developed our own language of sorts, an easy way to discuss our products and services. To celebrate our birthday month, we have created a cheat sheet, with 16 phrases to help you get started with decoding CP language.

  • Customer-in-the-Center – This is a key phrase in marketing today, but it has been the foundation of our business for 16 years. We help business organize around the customer and put the customer at the center of all their activities.
  • Brands (Not just retailers!) – When hearing the word customer, typically you think of pure retailers. In addition to retailers, we work with Quick Service Restaurants like Subway, financial organizations like HarborOne Bank, and membership apps like GasBuddy. If there is a way to collect customer data to provide a great customer (or end user) experience, we will work with the brand to do so.
  • Mid-brain Marketing – Smart marketing requires the ability to use both the left (analytical) and right (creative) sides of your brain. At CP, we have built teams of analytical and marketing, who can work together using both the left and right sides of the brain to create marketing strategies that are both innovative and based on customer data.
  • MARCIE – MARCIE stands for Marketing Analytics Recommendation Communication Intelligence Engine. This is our proprietary marketing platform that collects and stores data from all channels, and distributes the data to build, execute, and analyze targeted 1:1 marketing campaigns.
  • Workbench – The Workbench is Customer Portfolios marketing automation platform that lives within the MARCIE Platform that allows marketers to execute omnichannel lifecycle campaigns. Brands can easily access the Workbench to create, execute, and track their own campaigns.
  • Platform + People – Many MarTech companies offer a platform that provides customer data in easy-to-read dashboards. But at CP, we do things differently. In addition to MARCIE and the Workbench, we have a team of experts who act as an extension of your marketing department. Our team help brands leverage their data to uncover unique customer insights and turn these insights into actionable lifecycle campaigns aimed at revenue generation.
  • Customer Data – The first step in creating a customer-centric marketing strategy is having customer and business data all in a central location. We’re vendor agnostic and collect data from all available sources and channels about a customer demographics, purchase history and behavior, and online browsing behavior. We then leverage that to identify a customer’s lifecycle stage, lifetime value, propensity to repurchase vs. attrite, next best offer recommendations, and many more.
  • 360-customer view – We wouldn’t be able to generate those metrics unless all the customer data was combined in one location. We collect customer data from disparate sources, including CRM, POS, OMS, email, ecommerce, and any mobile data into an individual Customer Profile for each customer so brands can have a full, real-time view of their customers.

Next week, we’re going to continue the celebration and finish our list of 16 CP phrases to decode. Stay tuned!