Portfolio Pathing

Our Portfolio Pathing products provide insight on customer future value, lifecycle behavior, and the products customers will buy next. Future Value segmentation is used to understand the composition of your customer portfolio and to identify each segment’s revenue contribution.

Portfolio Pathing identifies immediate marketing opportunities that can help brands engage customers, and grow and retain Best Customers. For each product, a suite of dynamic dashboards is created and updated daily. The dashboard views provide strategic insight that feed tactical execution.


Portfolio Value

The Portfolio Value Statement is a holistic view into how the combination of all your marketing efforts is impacting your customer portfolio. It reveals how your customer base is evolving and spotlights the opportunities to create more Best Customers. The Portfolio Value Statement shows:

  • Lifecycle-based segments with population size, conversion rate, average spend per transaction, and revenue per customer index
  • Next 12 month Future Value by customer, decile and segment
  • Identification of Best Customers with their growth, their attrition, and opportunities for revenue

Portfolio Lifecycle

With the visibility into your customer portfolio, we identify the lifecycle path customers travel to becoming a Best Customer. There are 5 strategic lifecycle initiatives across the portfolio grid and each of them have specific omnichannel tactical campaigns that move customers to the top right portion of the grid and become a Best Customer. Portfolio Lifecycle exposes the behavior to migrate, reactivate and retain customers:

  • Channel behavior, Modeled timing, Marketability
  • The 5 strategic initiatives targeting growth of Best Customers
    1. Retain Best Customers
    2. Active Migration to Best Customer
    3. Return Loyal to Best Customer
    4. Reactivate Lapsed to Best Customer
    5. Acquire Look-a-like Best Customers

Portfolio Product

Using transactions and the products purchased to understand behavior and to model what customers will most likely buy next. This analysis can focus on category, product and SKU. Product views delivered:

  • Customer future value modeling by which category they cross to on their next purchase
  • Customer breakdown by their Nth purchase and the number of categories and units purchased
  • Category migration by future value and conversion rate to provide conversion value and ease metrics for all customers