Customer Data Platform

Integrate and Enhance 1st Party Data

Many CRM, CDP, and even ESP systems boast about their single view of the customer, but this is not always complete. While collecting all the data into one place accurately is no small task, we know that data collection and aggregation is just the start.

We expand on the single view to include offline behaviors that are often not tracked; we refer to this as the Complete View of the Customer (CVC). The CVC is used for omnichannel targeted marketing execution and activation.


Our CDP combines customer data from all online and offline sources.

  • Our Complete View of Customer (CVC) is packaged into Customer Profiles that contain enhanced holistic information about each customer. The CVC, along with the Customer Identity System, enables us to share customer intelligence across all channels.
  • During data load, all data is subject to rigorous hygiene, merge, householding and additional enhancements.
  • We protect the privacy of your customer’s information, and adhere to all privacy laws and security standards such as GDPR and CCPA.

The Workbench is our marketing automation application that allows for automated campaign execution and customer data distribution.

  • The Workbench accesses the most up-to-date Customer Profile, accessing information such as purchase behavior, segmentation, and engagement.
  • From the Workbench, marketers can execute intelligent and automated omnichannel lifecycle campaigns that will produce incremental revenue for our clients.
  • Customer intelligence can be distributed at the right time or based on a defined cadence, enabling coordination of marketing activation and execution.

Our analytical dashboards have live access to the CDP so marketers can meet the ever-changing needs of their customers.

  • Our Executive Level Reporting is made for busy marketers who need a quick answer or high-level view of business reporting.
  • Our Business Performance Dashboards provide marketers an executive level view of emerging trends within their business.
  • Our Lifecycle Marketing Dashboards provide detailed campaign intelligence to help marketers quickly understand the true success their initiatives are having on the bottom line.