Best Customers

When you understand your customers, you are empowered to Build your Best Customers

Best Customers are a brand’s most Active Loyal customers. We define Best Customers as those who have purchased the most, purchased most recently, and have the highest Next 12 Month (N12M) Future Value of all your customers. Brands should use this insight for marketing activation and execution to generate significant lift in revenue for their business.

Our strategic insight helps marketers determine who your Best Customers are, what marketing to engage them, and when to market to them. By analyzing customer purchasing and marketing behavior, we create a forward-looking view identifying a brand’s the top customers – who they are, what they’ve done, and what they’re going to do next. Now you are ready for Lifecycle Marketing!

Loyalty Marketing

Loyalty is Priority

Loyalty is priority! Best Customers are Loyal. And a loyal customer is someone who has a greater likelihood to buy again than not. A Loyal Best Customer has developed the good habit of buying from your brand, meaning they have high frequency. Building active, Loyal Best Customers is our priority. Best Customers generate the bulk of a brand’s N12M revenue, sometimes up to 80%. Growing and retaining a brand’s Loyal Best Customers is key to revenue generation. This is very different from a tactical loyalty-rewards program. Loyalty is often misused in context of a brand rewards program that typically targets low frequency customers (aka Not-Loyal!) with discount offers (promoting bad habit behavior!).

Loyalty Marketing
Portfolio Value Statement

Invest in Future Value

The level of investment to be made should be based on the N12M Future Value of each segment. By looking forward and using the N12M Future Value as a guide, we can rank and prioritize the customers to invest in with the goal of growing into Best Customers. Additionally, with the marketability metrics, along with the measure of those that received (or were ‘touched’ by) marketing via a particular channel, new opportunities can easily be identified. This allows marketing plans to optimize budget and maximize the revenue return over the Next 12 Months.

Building Best Customers

Customer Portfolios provides a CDP, with Complete View of Customer, Analytic Products like our Portfolio Value Statement, and the ability to trigger automated lifecycle marketing. When a brand has these things, they are armed with the tools and insight to grow and retain Best Customers. They can now coordinate outbound marketing via digital media and direct to consumer channels to capitalize on Future Value (aka revenue) and grow their entire Customer Portfolio, which in turn, grows their business.

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