Customer Portfolios Announces Results of Customer-Centricity Audit – Lifestyle Footwear

February 18, 2020

10 Top Lifestyle Footwear Brands Reviewed

BOSTON - February 18, 2020 --

Customer Portfolios, a marketing technology leader that uses actionable insights and analytics to increase customer engagement and value, shares its Customer-Centricity Audit – Lifestyle Footwear, a 127-page audit report. This is a detailed quantifiable evaluation of the customer-centric experience delivered by 10 leading lifestyle footwear brands.

The Customer-Centricity Audit is a strategic exercise to understand how well a brand is capturing and using customer data to deliver a personalized experience in their marketing. Customer Portfolios conducted the six-week audit to understand and evaluate these lifestyle footwear brands. The approach is based on a defined Best Practice rubric measuring the level of the customer-centric experience delivered.

To measure the level of personalization, two audit “shoppers” were created. The “shoppers” had very different profiles (male/female, old/young, engaged/not, buyer/browser) to make them easy to segment and dynamically target. The two interacted with all the brands across 10 unique touchpoints ranging from email engagement, digital ad targeting, purchasing, to relevant website personalization.

The audit provides several views of marketing customer-centric delivery within the Lifestyle Footwear vertical. These views include: each touchpoint (e.g. are there lifecycle campaigns executed), each brand (e.g. how well did Brand A perform compared to Brand B) and by the vertical overall, compared to other audited verticals. The audited brands are ranked by an overall Audit score and reviewed in detail to show strengths and opportunities by brand and by individual touchpoints. A strategic Touchpoint Summary and audit graphic also compares comprehensive grading by touchpoints.

The Customer-Centric Audit – Lifestyle Footwear Top Six Findings


  1. Brands overall scored the highest in consistent messaging, across all their touchpoints.
  2. Most brands had a loyalty program that offered meaningful benefits.

Room for Improvement

  1. Buy online and return to store was a difficult process for many brands.
  2. Many brands fell outside the optimal email volume range, sending too many.

Big Opportunity

  1. Brands had an absence of personalization anywhere – email, website, retargeting
  2. Brands asked for email every time shoppers logged onto the website.

Top Takeaway

Brands are succeeding with messaging and loyalty, but there is room for improvement with data usage and technology integration for a better customer-centric experience.

Download Customer-Centricity Audit – Lifestyle Footwear here.

“On the positive side, most brands’ messaging is consistent across all touchpoints, from email to web to digital and in-store.” said Nick Godfrey, co-founder and EVP Strategy of Customer Portfolios. “But we saw major opportunity for brands to use data to close the gap between the brand promise and the experience being delivered – with more customer-centric marketing across all channels. The Audit proved to be a very revealing look at how these retailers can best compete in 2020.”

See the complete report for more audit findings and detailed results, scores, rankings and summary observations, download Customer-Centricity Audit – Lifestyle Footwear here.

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