Customer Portfolios Announces The Portfolio Value Statement

November 18, 2019

Empowers Marketers with Total View of Customer Base to Predict and Drive Revenue

BOSTON - November 18, 2019 --

Customer Portfolios, a marketing technology leader that uses actionable insights and analytics to increase customer engagement and value, announces the Portfolio Value Statement (PVS) report, giving businesses a holistic view into the health of their customer file.

“Despite the fact that well over half of revenue typically comes from the top 20% of customers, marketers are so focused on acquiring new shoppers that this valuable segment is too often overlooked,” said Augie MacCurrach, CEO of Customer Portfolios. “With the Portfolio Value Statement, marketers can focus on these key segments and find the smartest opportunities to increase revenue.”

Better Budgeting, Better Decisions with the Portfolio Value Statement

The PVS gives marketers a total view of the different segments within the customer database, their revenue contribution by channel, and whether or not they are currently engaged and marketable. By showing how the customer base is evolving, the PVS helps marketers determine where to invest their budgets to retain or reactivate customers, not just acquire new consumers.

This view makes marketers better budgeters and decision makers. When marketing proposes its plan – and must defend budget and spend – a Portfolio Value Statement gives them a more compelling argument than ever before. For the first time, marketers can present a plan based on accurate forecasts for long term revenue that will grow the entire customer portfolio for years ahead.

Viewing the health of the customer database as a whole and by segment shows marketers the value of each group and how speaking to them accordingly will impact the bottom line. The PVS breaks down customer portfolios into actionable, behavior-based segments.

Portfolio Value Statement Drives Lifecycle Marketing to Increase Revenue

With this enhanced view of segmentation, marketers can best focus on creating the right customer lifecycle campaign timing and tactics.

Lifecycle marketing gives customers a personalized treatment that has the best chance of advancing them forward through the buying lifecycle – generating real portfolio growth. The goal is to make incremental improvements in recency, frequency and spend in the segments that need the most help instead of wasting budget on those who are likely to buy whether they receive offers or not.

With the Portfolio Value Statement, marketers can create more targeted campaigns with the clear understanding of each buyer stage, plus the right timing and offers that will encourage them to purchase again, ultimately growing revenue and the overall customer portfolio.

Read here to find out more about the Portfolio Value Statement and ask for a demonstration.

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