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  • Your Best Customers are usually the top 10% of your customer base, in terms of transactions, monetary spend, and engagement. We typically see that these customers generate on average up to 60% of a brand’s revenue, making these customers too valuable to lose. While focusing on 10% of your entire
  • A seamless customer journey is something that customers demand and marketers are striving to get right. Connecting all of a customer’s touchpoints into one fluid conversation not only makes sense, but it’s easier than ever to achieve. In the digital world, we use cookies and customer profiles and identity systems
  • For any brand, customers are undoubtedly the most important part of the business. Brands need to give their customers personalized communication and seamless experience, to keep them loyal and driving revenue. The best tool to have for a great customer experience is a detailed, organized marketing database. Think of the
  • Today’s marketing is all about putting the customer at the center, and providing a customer experience that is better than your competitors. We have moved from channel-centric marketing to one that is based on the customer and their experience. The emphasis and budget should no longer be on which channel
  • The marketing landscape has changed drastically since Peppers and Rogers released One-to-One Marketing in the 1990s. We are evolving from marketers who tell consumers what they want, to marketers who must listen to consumers and respond based on their needs. Marry this evolution with the growth and convergence of MarTech
  • We’ve seen time and time again new products that we think will save us all. Think margarine, processed food, plastic, and big cars. After a certain amount of time, the sheen wears off, we wizen up, and realize the negative side of these “wonder products”. This is the current thinking
  • C-Suite Executives
    One of the greatest things about being a marketer is that everywhere you shop, you get to see and understand the effect of marketing on your purchase behavior. However, this can be more difficult for C Suite executives to understand. For example, let’s just say you’ve made 8 purchases with
  • Customer Revenue
    The traditional P&L (Profit and Loss statement), has been taught as the standard for financial reporting for over 200 years. Think of business or product lines as our horizontal rows in the spreadsheet, and then it’s further broken down vertically by channel. This financial organization of the business ignores customer
  • Lifecycle Marketing
    Targeted lifecycle marketing is imperative for marketers today. Technology has created a demand for a seamless, omnichannel customer experience, but we’ve noticed the experience isn’t becoming more seamless and personalized, but disparate and broken. The way technology is created has caused these problems, and to connect the dots now, we’re
  • An article in the Wall Street Journal discusses luxury brands’ digital transformation, an industry typically known for high-quality, high-glossy magazine ads. In “Magazine Ads Go Out of Fashion” (Appeared in print on June 10, 2017), Matthew Dalton highlights the transition of luxury brands’ advertising model from print magazines to digital.
  • Customer Email Address
    The single customer view is one of the key buzzwords in marketing today. Brands are looking to have an omnichannel view of their customer across different channels, different devices. But how do they accomplish this? How can they see that I am the same person on my phone, desktop, and
  • Single Customer View
    Marketing and the customer experience have always been siloed, and the single customer view was elusive. Remember a typical multichannel retailer in the early 2000s; it had hundreds of stores, it had a well-established catalog and new ecommerce website. At that time, very few companies were collecting customer information in