January 31, 2017

Calculate Your Incremental Revenue Opportunity

BOSTON, MA - January 31, 2017 --

Customer Portfolios, a marketing technology leader that uses analytics to increase customer value, has launched an online Lifecycle Revenue Calculator with accompanying report to help retailers kick off the New Year with insights and steps to generate incremental revenue in 2017 and beyond.

“Most retailers are limited by databases that contain upwards of 75% to 85% one-time only buyers. They are missing a huge revenue opportunity by failing to move these customers to multi-time buyers,” said Augie MacCurrach, CEO of Customer Portfolios. “As experts in lifecycle marketing, we help retailers turn customer data into a strategic asset. Our calculator allows retailers to understand the revenue potential from Lifecycle Marketing.”

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Discover Lifecycle Opportunity
Retailers enter two foundational business metrics — average order value and annual revenue – into the Lifecycle Revenue Calculator and Customer Portfolios will show the impact of a 1% increase in customer conversion.

For example, if a retailer enters a $150 average order amount and an annual revenue of $500,000,000, the Calculator will show impact of 1% Repeat Lift to be $5,352,352.

Next Steps: Lifecycle Marketing to Achieve Incremental Revenue
After identifying the additional revenue potential, the Lifecycle Revenue Report will outline strategic opportunities to reach that target. To increase lifetime customer value, Lifecycle Marketing needs to focus on driving short-term behaviors that produce an increase in customer conversion.

“The Lifecycle Revenue Calculator and Report give retailers a unique perspective and forces them to change their mindset on how they view customers,” continued MacCurrach. “At Customer Portfolios, we believe that customers are the biggest asset to any business. By combining analytics and lifecycle marketing, our team of marketing experts help clients generate incremental revenue with targeted and measurable campaigns that move customers forward along the buying lifecycle.”

Find out how to create more loyal, profitable customer relationships, try Customer Portfolio’s Lifecycle Revenue Calculator here.

About Customer Portfolios
Customer Portfolios is a marketing technology leader that empowers its global retail clients to maximize the value of each customer. The company’s Predictive Marketing Platform offers a single digital solution that brings together all customer data to enable analysis, insight, strategy, and execution. The Customer Portfolios team of expert analytical and marketing experts help companies like Johnston & Murphy, Vera Bradley, Journeys, Harbor One, Subway, Teleflora, Frye, Tourneau, and many more consistently drive revenue growth and increased customer lifetime value. Visit www.customerportfolios.com, read our blog and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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