Reactivation Campaign

The Client Profile:

Our client is a leading women’s accessories brand, with over 150 retail stores and a robust online presence. This retailer primarily focuses on women’s bags, but also sells stationary, bedding, and other women’s accessories. The client has 5 million active customers in its database.


After getting a holistic view of their customers, our client realized the value of reactivating their lapsed loyal customers. Loyalty is tied directly to revenue, and is defined as more likely than not to purchase again. We analyzed our client’s customers to uncover common engagement and purchase behaviors that led to brand loyalty.


We leveraged these insights to create a lifecycle campaign that loyal lapsed customers hit customers with the right message and offer at the right time. The campaign has five different touches, and offers range from discounts to personalized product recommendations.


The Reactivation Campaign has generated impressive results:

  • +18% lift on previous year’s reactivation of loyal customers
  • +15% lift in revenue contribution from this particular group
  • $3M spent by this group alone
on previous year's reactivation of loyal customers
in revenue contribution from this particular group