Meet MARCIE, your Marketing Analytics Recommendation Communication Intelligence Engine

Collecting and analyzing all source data to create a single, unified view of your customer

Today’s customers are moving targets — they are shopping online, in-store, and on their devices. As customers navigate across channels and devices, data is being gathered from multiple sources. For brands to talk intelligently to customers based on their known behaviors, marketers need to keep all that data in a single location. This single location is our marketing platform we at Customer Portfolios call MARCIE.

This is the command center where all your customer data lives. Our comprehensive platform consists of a marketing database, data load system, data hygiene, data distribution and marketing automation, and business intelligence and analytical dashboards. Through our powerful platform, brands are able to integrate and analyze customer data, execute targeted 1:1 campaigns and report on campaign and customer performance.

Upgrade Your Marketing Database

Say “Goodbye” to one-size-fits-all marketing databases.

At Customer Portfolios, we work as an extension of your team to build an integrated data mart that is utilized to execute targeted marketing campaigns and dashboard reports.

  • Data is messy, disparate, and often resides in multiple sources and locations.
  • We integrate and consolidate customer records across all sources, including; POS, OMS, and ecommerce platforms.
  • This is a hub-and-spoke approach with the marketing database being fed by all sources.
  • Despite having multiple channel integrations, we create a unique customer-centric ID using an advanced matching algorithm that contains a customer’s behavior across channels.

Kiss your dinosaur database goodbye and let our platform maximize the value of every customer.

We have the brains and the brawn you need to super-charge your marketing data

Your marketing database is the brain within your marketing platform.

We will design, build and maintain a robust, marketing database that incorporates data from all customer touchpoints, as well as behavioral information from social and mobile channels. It also contains data from your outbound marketing programs, which we are able to provide closed-loop with explicit match-back reporting.

All data is subject to rigorous data hygiene, including merging, purging and deduplication. From there, the data is analyzed and customers are segmented based on their current and past behavior, as well as their future value.

The result is a rich marketing database providing analytical insight that will drive effective marketing campaigns.

We’re scalable for increased customer records, brands, stores, or countries.

  • Our standard data mart schema is built for growth and scalability.
  • We can operate internationally in a direct to consumer or business-to-business (B2B) capacity.
  • We pull data from sources that provide product, transactional, customer marketing and response information.
  • Our marketing database brings together your data to create the 360-degree view of your customer and packaged into the extensive Customer Profile.

Our comprehensive marketing database supports 1:many, many:many, many:1 relationships.

  • Our marketing databases provide the foundation for customer segmentation, opportunity analysis, and campaign execution and measurement.
  • Our data load system schedules updates of the data pulled from all integrated sources – nightly, hourly, or real-time.
  • During the data load, all data is put through a process for hygiene, merge, householding and additional enhancements.
  • The star schema design creates standard dimensions and facts from disparate sources which provide 1:many relationships views.

The MARCIE Workbench – Your Marketing Automation Tool

The MARCIE Workbench is our proprietary marketing application that allows for automated campaign management and data distribution.

Within the tool, marketers can execute intelligent and automated omnichannel lifecycle campaigns that will produce incremental revenue for our clients.

  • The MARCIE Workbench interfaces with the marketing database to access up-to-date customer intelligence such as purchase behavior, segmentation, and engagement.
  • The data being distributed from the MARCIE Workbench can be delivered in real time or based on a defined cadence, enabling clients to coordinate their marketing efforts across digital and direct channels.

By delivering timely lifecycle and marketing communications, the MARCIE Workbench drives loyal customer engagement to increase brands’ revenue. Data sent for omnichannel campaign execution will be extracted on a daily basis, loaded into the marketing platform, and further enhancing customer records.

With MARCIE, anything is possible!

The MARCIE Workbench allows users to:

  • Build, execute and measure omnichannel lifecycle & marketing campaigns
  • Distribute data files, such as the Customer Profile, to any third-party channel to enhance the customer experience or execute a campaign
  • Deploy date or event based triggered emails
  • Perform A/B testing, throttling or utilize time zone sending
  • Create business rules for dynamic content and auto resends
  • Create and refine list criteria for customer segmentation using our Query Builder tool
  • Proof executions of all marketing communications
  • Report on mailer versus control segment groups within a campaign
  • Integrate with third party email service providers (ESP) for campaign build and execution

We’re bringing it all together!

Once you have your data in a single location, it’s time to turn insights into actions.

Our powerful marketing platform enables you to create a comprehensive single view of the customer.

Once established, you can put your customers in the center of your marketing, and deploy targeted campaigns across your marketing ecosystem through our MARCIE Workbench. As campaigns are being deployed, we build dynamic dashboards for sharing business results and KPIs, delivering real-time information for marketing and business consumption.

Our intelligent platform makes blasting customers a thing of the past. MARCIE allows brands to create 1:1 personalized experiences with their customers.