Here’s a pointer: build a loyalty strategy that reinforces and builds customer relationships

Today’s shoppers are empowered and have access to more choices than ever before. This makes retaining customers even more difficult, and with upwards of 75% of customers only making a single purchase from a brand, there’s a good chance customers will be one and done.

A good Loyalty Program keeps customers retained, but remember, they have to earn it. We use a wealth of customer knowledge with our powerful platform to turn regular customers into the most loyal of followers and more importantly… multi-purchasing.

Every customer is unique and each responds to different types of rewards and incentives.

Of course your best customers should be rewarded, but too many marketers are rewarding customers for a single purchase. Brands try to address this challenge by using loyalty programs. However, Loyalty Marketing isn’t a points program or something used to reward existing behavior.

“Loyalty” is a state in a relationship when customers are more likely than not to make a repeat purchase.

This is the customer loyalty threshold. With most customers only buying once from a brand, Loyalty Marketing should be used as a strategic business initiative focused on growth and retention.

Brands can surprise customers with relevant offers that not only reward behavior but encourage future behavior.


Customer Portfolios works with brands to leverage existing customer behavior and data

We’re experts in merging behavior and data to drive customer engagement.

With this knowledge, we execute a multichannel marketing initiative that targets customers at different stages in their lifecycle. We can leverage offers to drive engagement and migrate them towards loyal customer behavior. As customer behavior changes, so should your loyalty messaging and offers.

MARCIE: the platform that brings it all together.

  • Our Predictive Marketing Platform, MARCIE, intuitively understands customer engagement and purchase behaviors. It is aware indicate that a “next right action” will be a different variable depending on that customer
  • The result is an automated program, which optimizes the relevance, frequency, and timing of marketing communications to drive customer loyalty

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Our platform helps marketers develop successful Loyalty Campaigns that retain and grow customer value everyday.

Marketers at leading brands use our platform to execute multichannel Loyalty Campaigns that target customers at different stages in their lifecycle.

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