Know more, sell more – with Portfolio Pathing, you see what makes your customers and prospects tick better than your competitors do

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Identify optimal customer journey

Each one of your customers is on a different path. It’s your responsibility to help navigate their journey. With Portfolio Pathing you can now increase a customer’s lifetime value.

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Define customer value potential

Databases are filled with 1x buyers. Portfolio Pathing segments out which ones have the highest purchasing potential and delivers strategies to realize that potential.  

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Provide 1:1 customer messaging

Customers become turned off by marketing content that doesn’t fit their style or budget. Portfolio Pathing’s Next Best Offer analysis creates product recommendations that appeal to both the customer and your bottom line.

dig into your database and find the best customers

Not all customers are created equally. Portfolio Pathing will identify the most valuable ones to your brand.

Every database is comprised of good, bad and great customers. 

  • Through Portfolio Pathing, we conduct customer value segmentation to understand the composition of your database and identify which segments contribute the most revenue to the brand.
  • By uncovering unique behaviors and purchase trends, Portfolio Pathing identifies immediate lifecycle marketing opportunities that can help brands retain and cultivate profitable, lifelong customers.

Portfolio Pathing helps brands harness their customer and business data to provide them with insights that lead them to execute targeted 1:1 marketing.

Portfolio Pathing provides the foundation for Lifecycle Marketing.

An advanced analytics methodology that provides unique customer insight on behavior and trends.

Through knowledge comes power and Portfolio Pathing empowers marketers to see a roadmap on how to increase a customer’s lifetime value.

By helping brands uncover core customer and business metrics such as:

  • Revenue by customer segment
  • Customer lifetime value
  • Purchase tendencies, and many more

Portfolio Pathing is arming smart marketers with the knowledge to immediately put in place revenue-generating lifecycle marketing strategies and tactics that take prospects and one-time customers to loyal, repeat customers.

Leverage customer data for personalized 1:1 communication

A key output of Portfolio Pathing is Future Value Segmentation.

Marketers have a myopic view of customer value and too often are focused on what a customer has done to date as opposed to the potential revenue they are going contribute to a brand.

Each customer in a marketing database has an associated dollar value. Future Value Analysis gives marketers the ability to analyze a customer and predict how that customer will behave going forward and determine the economic value they will produce. As customers move through the funnel their net present value and future value increase.

Customers behave in all different ways and Future Value Segmentation identifies which behaviors and turning points in the lifecycle have the biggest impact on future behavior.

With this insight in hand, sales and marketing can rejoice, leveraging the information for personalized and 1:1 communication.