Email Campaigns to Increase In Store Traffic

The Challenge

With over 44,000 restaurants in 111 countries and 27,000 doors in the US, this major restaurant chain wanted to talk with their customers in a more relevant manner based on the market customers were in. They knew from testing localized email campaigns that local offers and content drove higher engagement and store visits, but corporate-level creative teams did not have the bandwidth to create emails for every market. This presented a resource challenge and a quality-control issue.

The Solution

The restaurant franchises leveraged Customer Portfolios’ MALL application to execute emails with dynamic content targeted to specific geographic markets. Working within the existing architecture, with Customer Portfolios’ custom marketing execution application, the sandwich restaurant chain is able to insert dynamic local content.

The Results

  • Email content is driving increased store visits
  • Reporting of program performance is delivered to National Sales & Marketing, local agency partners and individual franchises
higher open rates than emails without localized content