Best Customer Letter Reward Campaign

The Client Profile:

As a leader in men’s footwear and apparel, our client remains a pillar of classic workmanship and a beacon of American style. Since 1850 they have provided the highest quality products and set the standard for successful, working professionals everywhere.

The Challenge

In the 15 years we have been working with this client, we have connected their growing number of touchpoints, increased email capture in-stores, and implemented a number of successful lifecycle campaigns.

The Solution

We have also conducted extensive analysis of the client’s customer behavior, and determined that after 4 purchases, the customer was more likely than not to purchase again. We call this the loyalty tipping point .

The Results

  • 14% Lift in the number of customers who have purchased 4+ times (and reached the loyalty tipping point) in one calendar year
  • These loyal customers spent $83 more than customers who purchased 3 or less times in FY2019.
lift in loyal customers
more spent by loyal customers than non-loyal customers