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From I Think to I Know

Before the data boom of the early 2000s, marketers could only infer the effect marketing has on the rest of the business. It was not clear what customers were purchasing, why they were making those purchases, or through what channel. Until 20 years ago, we could only infer these things – it was like throwing spaghetti at the wall.

Unfortunately, the challenge prevails and many marketers today have the same issue. But now it’s not due to a lack of technology or data. In fact, it is because there is too much technology and data. There’s an overabundance of point solutions all claiming to have the Single View of Customer, which are really operating in just one channel. Consumers are shopping across a myriad of channels, so having disparate views of the customer leaves us back in the early 2000’s. Marketers are still stitching together a story on how these channels are connected are connected in effort to represent the true customer experience.

We are a marketing data and analytics company that connects all your disparate touchpoints into one robust and usable Single View of Customer. With this SVC, Customer Portfolios will enable you to achieve your marketing goals and objectives by taking you from I think marketing to I know marketing.

You will know your customer

Our Single View of Customer, the Customer Profile, brings together all your data – transactional, outbound and digital. This gives you a holistic view of your customer and their relationship with your brand. We are vendor-agnostic, and can connect with any touchpoint in your MarTech stack. We can connect with your ESP, DMP, OMS, SMS, POS, mailhouse, ecommerce site, and digital ads, and put all of that data into one profile, so you can see how your customer interacts with your brand across all touchpoints.

You will know the insight about their behavior

Our Portfolio Pathing analytical project uses the Customer Profile to generate insights about customers. Through Portfolio Pathing, we conduct customer value segmentation to understand the composition of your database and identify which behavior based segments contribute the most revenue to the brand. Our analysts uncover insights about the customer lifecycle journey and their Future Value to inform your future marketing strategy.

You will know how to make the insight actionable

Coming out of Portfolio Pathing, you will be armed with our top Lifecycle Marketing campaign recommendations to implement based on the insights generated from the Single View of Customer. Our campaign briefs give information on the cadence, timing, number of touches, even recommendations for copy and content. The result is scientific, data-driven marketing that is fueled by the customers themselves.

You will know the path to customer profitability

We continue to monitor and report on the results of your Lifecycle campaigns, and work with your team to make relevant updates that generate the most revenue. Our dashboards give you holistic views of your customer and marketing impact on the business, so you can test, monitor and maximize your marketing’s revenue generation in a data-driven way.

Marketers have come such a long way from not knowing their customers and guessing revenue generated from marketing campaigns. We have the data to see where our customers shop, what they buy, and which tactics generate the most revenue. As customers shop and access your brand through more and more touchpoints, we need to combine all your disparate data into a single view and get a truly holistic view so we can finally graduate to executing real “I know” marketing.