Marketing Services


Analytics and Insight

Our highly skilled analysts have a remarkable ability to discover actionable opportunities. By actionable we mean things you can actually do right now, not just talk about doing. Using their own specialized tools and techniques to analyze your database, our analysts are able to provide you with segmentation, opportunity analysis, modeling, and targeted lists for programs to drive greater customer engagement.


Powerful Insight into customer segments to identify actionable opportunities
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Unbroken Customer Experience Strategy to drive engagement plan

Insight into email engagement to maximize email channel

Gap and flow report to drive optimization of customer experience


Marketing Execution

Our well-seasoned execution team will build, test, validate, and launch closed-loop marketing programs precisely as directed by your strategy and campaign plan. Omni-channel campaigns can be executed via all appropriate out-bound channels, including: email, direct marketing, associate clienteling, call center lists, social media, and mobile marketing. We also provide support on all sides of marketing execution including planning, creating, testing layouts and subject lines, and performance tracking.



Our all-pro teams will quickly, efficiently, and effectively leverage your existing technology in order to optimize integration across platforms to enable your inbound and outbound campaigns to work as designed. We never let (outdated) technology get in the way of great marketing ideas.



Our resident customer strategy geniuses identify sales and revenue opportunities by leveraging the insights generated by analysis of the Marketing Database. Their objective is to support your marketing initiatives and help to prioritize and detail the best tactical initiatives.



Our creative team leverages the insight provided by analysis to craft exactly the right message to inspire customer action. It starts with understanding what motivates the customer at this point in the lifecycle. The key is delivering the message in an engaging visual/verbal manner that leverages your brand equity and resonates with the needs of your customer. From campaign planning and strategy, to concept, design, and writing, our creative team will deliver on-brand creative for Email, Direct Mail, landing pages and web banners, and global UI.  We also provide user experience (UX) consultation for your digital properties that will help your business achieve greater customer acquisition and conversion.