When it comes to customers, nothing is too big or too small to celebrate

Whether it is their birthday or the anniversary of their first purchase, it is important to acknowledge the moments that matter most to your customers. By celebrating these moments with your customers, brands are moving from viewing their customers as transactions to viewing them as individuals with whom they have created a personal relationship.

At Customer Portfolios, we understand that there are certain key customer interactions that deviate from a traditional lifecycle campaign, yet, these communications can play a crucial role in moving a customer’s relationship forward with a brand.

We work with clients to build and execute strategic campaigns that don't disrupt – rather they complement existing lifecycle communication streams

Using relevant messages, products and offers at the right time, Customer Engagement marketing campaigns are designed to increase the likelihood a customer will purchase again and ultimately grow their lifetime value. These campaigns target customers during:

  • Holiday: Holiday messaging is something that all brands do in high frequency, but a strategic holiday campaign is something completely different. The purpose of this campaign is to first and foremost promote holiday products and services but is combined with lifecycle marketing campaign messaging to ensure its value does not get lost in the shuffle. If a brand does not have any lifecycle marketing campaigns in place, we recommend testing the frequency of holiday messaging, and nurturing new customers who are acquired during this time.
  • Seasonality / Back to School: Calendar-based campaigns that are not based on a specific customer’s current stage in their lifecycle, but is based on a seasonal cadence. The goal of this campaign is to promote the brand or retailer’s back-to-school/ seasonal products to marketable customers and prospects. Previous back-to-school/seasonal customers should receive communications with product recommendations from previous seasons with up-to-date sizing and age related products.
  • Birthday: A birthday campaign is an easy and effective way of engaging with marketable customers and prospects. Birthdays can serve as a good time to offer a small discount or a celebratory greeting that helps move a transactional relationship to a personal relationship. A birthday greeting helps make your brand top of mind.
  • Purchase Anniversary: The purpose of this campaign is to thank customers for making a purchase(s) with the brand the past year and remind them that their upcoming one-year anniversary of being a customer is approaching. While some customers may have only made a single purchase during the past year, we still want to remind the customer of that product(s)/service(s) and the value that the brand provided during that time.