Automated Campaigns create 1:1 personal relationships that make your customers feel like the only shopper in the store

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Our Automated Marketing Campaigns are designed to connect with your customers individually throughout the entirety of the customer journey. People today are inundated with messages from brands.

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It’s information overload out there and it’s effecting how you market to consumers. We help brands break through the clutter and deliver relevant messages and offers that customers and prospects want to see.

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Using relevant messages, products and offers at the precise time, our Automated Marketing Campaigns are designed to increase the likelihood a customer will make additional purchases and grow their lifetime value to a brand.

"It's my party and I'll buy If I want to"

Customer Engagement tools give brand followers something to celebrate.

Whether it’s a birthday or an important milestone with the brand, like an anniversary, these are the moments that turn a transaction into a lifelong relationship between a brand and a customer.

Using relevant messages, products and offers at the right time, Customer Engagement Marketing Campaigns are designed to increase the likelihood a customer will purchase again and ultimately grow their lifetime value.

With our Customer Engagement Campaigns you’ll never miss an important event again.


No more spraying and praying during the holiday season – it’s time to look at holiday campaigns as a strategic maneuver to acquire customers and nurture them into Lifecycle Marketing campaigns following the holiday season.


Whether it’s Back to School or Mother’s Day, we help you engage your customers with targeted and relevant content on the days that matter most.


Birthdays provide a great way for a brand to leverage the data collected about its customers to show they value the relationship by providing them a unique offer or service.

Purchase Anniversary

A purchase anniversary is another opportunity for a brand to express how much they value the customer’s relationship with them by either rewarding them or offering them relevant information based on their initial purchase.

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Keep customers active with Lifecycle Marketing Campaigns

Lifecycle Marketing Campaigns influence customers as they grow from a prospect to a best customer.

Prospects Welcome

A vital part of the sales funnel, the goal of this campaign is to convert prospects into buyers upon acquisition.

First Time Buyers Welcome

Introduces new customers to the brand and to get them familiar with the brands’ products and services.

1x to 2x Buyer Repurchases

The goal of this campaign is to not only convert 1x buyers to 2x+ buyers, but to keep them engaged and informed with the brand during the process.

Reactivation of Lapsed Customers

The goal of this campaign is to re-engage customers and incentivize them to make an additional purchase prior to the time frame of them lapsing.

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Loyalty Programs turn members in your database into lifelong, valued customers

“Loyalty” is a state in a relationship when customers are more likely than not to make a repeat purchase.

Loyalty Marketing is more than a frequent flyer card or a points program rewarding customers for existing behaviors.

Loyalty Marketing is rooted in creating customers who are more likely than not to make a repeat purchase. To drive customer loyalty with a brand requires providing the optimal messages and offers to drive customers to the loyalty threshold.

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