ENCORE - Putting the Customer Center-Stage

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ENCORE is a secure, cloud-based application that delivers the single view of the customer (SVC) to individual stores to call centers, enabling one-to-one marketing with a personalized touch. ENCORE is powered by the CP Customer Profile and connected Customer Identity System. ENCORE delivers the intelligence that store associates and service representatives need to provide insightful product recommendations and service experiences, as well as execute highly-targeted communications to their most valuable customers.


At the heart of ENCORE is a robust API, which is used to find a specific customer and deliver associated information and business intelligence about the customer to where it is needed:

Customer Look-Up

The Customer Lookup API allows store associates and customer service representatives to identify a customer based on name and zip code, email address, phone number, or receipt number. The customer lookup API delivers basic customer information:
• Name
• Address
• Email address
• Phone number
• Last Purchase Date
• Customer Number
If the search identifies multiple candidate records, the associate or representative can select the best record to retrieve the full Customer Profile.

Customer Profile Delivery

Once the associate has selected the desired customer record, the second API call will deliver the full Customer Profile. The Customer Profile contains everything we know about a given customer, including Lifetime Value, recent contact history, as well as provide product recommendations. Information given by ENCORE will empower customer service and the store associates to provide the most up-to-date customer information, make more informed purchase suggestions and enhance the in-store shopping experience.


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Connecting the traditional brick-and-mortar store to the digital realm should be top of mind for marketers. ENCORE enables that connection by bringing the Customer Profile to the store associates, on POS platforms and tablet applications. With an enhanced user interface, retailers can empower the store associate to deliver a better experience for the customer. ENCORE enables the associates to assist
customers as they shop in-store and provide one-to-one marketing to build personal relationships when customers are elsewhere.

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Call Center

When interacting with customers in a Call Center environment, it is imperative to have real-time, updated information. If a customer has a question about their orders, their account, a discount on a marketing communication they received, etc., the customer service representative must have the necessary information readily available. ENCORE provides easy access to lookup a customer record and pull back all relevant information: purchase history across channels, previous service contacts, marketing contacts and customer intelligence.

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Mobile Detection

Mobile Detection is an added feature that allows store associates to recognize opted-in users as soon as they enter the store. Customers download the digital loyalty card and grant permission for location
services. Then when they come within proximity of the store, our beacon captures their loyalty identification and automatically fires Customer Lookup and Customer Profile APIs. As the customer crosses the threshold of the store, the well-trained associate knows who they are and how to best serve them today.


ENCORE is a secure, web-based application that enables one-to-one marketing with a personal touch. Marketers can either use the interface powered by CP, or place their existing UI on top of the data. No matter what marketers choose, ENCORE’s tools help retail associates provide insightful sales and service experiences, as well as execute highly-targeted communications to their most valuable customers.

ENCORE Features

ENCORE is specifically designed for retailers who invest in one-to-one customer relationships via a high quality in-store shopping and customer support experience. In addition to customer intelligence delivery, ENCORE’s features help automate and scale the one-to-one customer experience:

SVC Lookup

Ability to search for customers, review trends and recent contacts, and view purchase details and history. Information provided by the tool will empower associates and service representatives to make more informed decisions when interacting with customers.

Digital Black Book

Real-time integration with a retailer’s marketing database. Detailed customer look-up including a historical view of a customer’s purchase history and any communication the brand had with the customer.

Next Best Offer

Leveraging a customer’s historical purchases and engagement, Encore provides strategic recommendations based on a customer’s propensity to make a next purchase.

Compose And Send

Store associates can send 1:1 communications with customers directly from the ENCORE application.

Preferred Customer

Allows the system to automatically detect when a preferred customer is in a store, alerting the trained sales associate and providing them with specific customer data designed to assist them in effective selling to that customer – all under the control of local store management.

Dashboard Reporting

Activity is monitored through dashboard reports, which are accessible in MARCIE and the ENCORE application itself. Standard reporting metrics include data on store, user, campaign, channel, or revenue.