Data-centric dashboards show marketers what’s impacting their bottom line... and that’s the line that matters most

With knowledge comes power, and with power comes results.

Customer Portfolios’ dashboards deliver real-time customer intelligence anytime, anywhere, so that you know the trends impacting your business.

Business Performance
Provides marketers an executive level view of emerging trends within their business.


Portfolio Value
Illustrates the continuous evolution of the database composition across all customer segments.

Customer Behavior
Examines emerging customer trends as preferences and tastes change.

Source Attribution
Identifies the channels that are most influential to capturing a sale and customer conversion so you know what is working.

Lifecycle Performance
Tracks and monitors campaign performance to determine what success the campaigns are having on the bottom line.

Product Performance
Highlights emerging patterns within product adoption and penetration.

treat your customer database as an asset

Executive Dashboards that turn your customer data into valuable assets.

Our Executive Dashboards provide marketers an executive level view of emerging trends within their business and illustrate the composition across one-time, repeat and loyal customer segments.

With a deeper understanding of both current and future customer value, marketers are now able to truly treat their customer database as an asset.

timing is everything to your customers

Customer Behavior & Product Performance Dashboards highlight emerging patterns within product adoption and penetration.

Customer tastes and preferences are constantly evolving. It is marketing’s responsibility to understand which segments and products have the largest impact on a brand’s bottom-line.

These insights provide marketers the foundation for developing strategic lifecycle marketing campaigns with Next Best Offers and predictive product recommendations to target the right customers with the right message at the right time.

Lifecycle Dashboards that are highly targeted and results driven.


Our Lifecycle Marketing Dashboards provide detailed campaign intelligence to help marketers quickly understand the true success their initiatives are having on the bottom line.


To be successful, today’s marketers must embrace customer behavior and business performance data to develop highly targeted campaigns.


With a clear view into incremental revenue and customer engagement, little time is wasted simply trying to understand a campaign’s impact. Instead, this valuable time is spent on ongoing optimization and enhancements to further grow the business.