The insights and analytics needed to build profitable, lasting relationships with your customers at your fingertips

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It’s All Right Here

It’s not just about the data… but how it’s delivered to marketers. Our set of dashboards make the data clear and measurable for the user.


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We Get Data

We have a perfect platform that every marketer needs to organize their data to produce insights that cultivate their customer relationships and generate a positive effect on the bottom line.


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The Optimal Engine

We gather the data and engage the delivery tools… but it’s how we take the information and turn it into measurable results that turns our motors on.


With Analytical Dashboards, you'll analyze and report on metrics that matter most to your business

Today’s marketers are facing increased pressure to implement campaigns that effect the bottom-line.

  • Customer Portfolios’ Analytical Dashboards enable marketers to anticipate changing customer and business dynamics to become a customer-centric, insights-driven, organization.
  • Success is dependent on how well and how fast organizations respond to these dynamics.

Customer Portfolios delivers real-time information and insights that brands need to win in the age of the customer.

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Portfolio Pathing lays the foundation for knowing how your customers behave

Portfolio Pathing helps brands merge their customer and business data.

As customers and prospects navigate across channels and devices, it’s imperative to have a partner that can bring together disparate data sources to build a complete understanding of customer behavior.

  • Portfolio Pathing helps brands harness their customer and business data to provide them with insights that lead them to execute targeted 1:1 marketing.
  • Through knowledge comes power and Portfolio Pathing empowers marketers to see a roadmap on how to increase a customer’s lifetime value.

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Predictive Modeling helps you see customers behavior and move them cross-category

Identify the offers and messages that matter most to your customers.

Loyal customers are worth up to as much as 10x their first purchase. However, most marketing databases are full of aging non-buyers.

To help optimize the health of a marketing database, our team of analytical experts identifies the optimal cross-sell and up-sell opportunities that can move 1x buyers to multi-time buyers to the loyalty threshold.

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At Customer Portfolios, we see and process your customers’ data in a very different way. 

Set up a consultation and start utilizing customer data that you never knew existed.