Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? Was it Jane or Jack?

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We Already Know!

With Smart Cookie, we’re delivering customer intelligence across the digital ecosystem, so you can answer the age-old riddle. Smart Cookie is Customer Portfolios’ distillation and delivery of customer intelligence to all marketing and digital channels.

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Customer Knowledge in Every Bite

Customers are constantly moving across every storefront – brick and mortar, ecommerce, even mobile, and the responsibility rests with marketers to keep up with this movement. Smart Cookie delivers customer intelligence to every marketing touchpoint & channel allowing brands to speak to customers in a manner that is relevant to them.

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Never Miss an Opportunity

Smart Cookie facilitates 1:1 marketing by delivering a customer’s CRM Profile through the MARCIE Workbench to digital partners to make their cookies smarter. This allows brands to reach customers with relevant messaging, anytime… and anywhere during their purchasing journey.

It’s definitely the smartest cookie you’ve ever seen

Smart Cookie delivers customer intelligence to any marketing touchpoint and channel.

Leveraging Smart Cookie, brands are now empowered to target customers with product recommendations, purchase incentives and persona-based creative that is informed by each individual profile.

We perform daily updates of the data to ensure your brand is targeting your customers with the most appropriate messaging and offers based on where they are in the buying journey.

We're putting "Intelligence into action"

The more data you have, the less reactive you are and the more proactive you can be.

Smart Cookie makes omnichannel marketing more intelligent by incorporating ecommerce and point of sale data sources to create a comprehensive understanding of customer behavior.

Across ecommerce we are looking at key data sources such as: customer, product, promotion, and transaction. Our detailed point of sale data collection includes data from customer, product, promotion, store, and associate.

We are vendor agonistic and work with partners across the digital ecosystem

Smart Cookie delivers the right message at the right time!

Customer Portfolios is vendor agonistic and works with partners across the digital ecosystem to share customer intelligence that can be used to create personalized and targeted marketing.

We securely distribute the CRM Profile through Smart Cookie without exposing any personally identifiable information (PII).

The connection is made by agreeing upon a common identity link with our digital partners. Smart Cookie delivers data to:

  • Web personalization engines
  • Email service providers (ESP)
  • Demand side platform (DSP) and data management platform (DMP)
  • Clienteling platforms

Definitely better together. Smart Cookie and Perfect Pixel.

Perfect Pixel is Customer Portfolios’ comprehensive data collector that enables brands to understand how customers navigate across digital properties.

All the digital activity collected by Perfect Pixel is connected to a customer’s CRM identity which is then stored and managed securely in a single database.  The resulting dataset delivers a complete view of both online and offline activity which, along with 3rd party data appends, is used to define the actionable and predictive attributes that form the CP Customer Profile.

The CP Customer Profile can then be shared across all marketing and digital channels via Smart Cookie to provide customers with 1:1 experiences and journeys that increase loyalty and customer value.

A United Front: Ecommerce and Retail

Brands are collecting data from anywhere and everywhere – yet, despite big data’s expansiveness, most brands fail to deliver intelligence back to the store. And, with the majority of sales still happening in a physical storefront, Smart Cookie can empower in-store associates with customer intelligence to enhance and personalize the in-store experience.

By delivering the CRM Profile through Smart Cookie to clienteling platforms, associates can access real-time customer information such as lifetime value, product recommendations, and website browsing history to help shape their interactions.

The connection of POS transactions to digital marketing has allowed brands to double the revenue attributed to their online campaigns, thereby finally demonstrating the impact that digital has on store sales.