Leverage the best and the brightest to turn lifecycle insights about your customers into actionable, strategic campaigns

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Denise DeSisto

VP, Marketing Automation & Product Innovation

“We are the extension of your execution team. We help you stay on track with your marketing calendar while assisting with delivery team for creative and code development.”

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Jenny Lum

Marketing Analytics Team Lead

“We combine a deep understanding of your customer behavior with industry best practices and statistical modeling to drive changes in both marketing and operational strategy.”

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Kimberly Mlodzinski

Senior Account Director

“We interact with clients on a daily basis to oversee Lifecycle Marking campaign execution and ensure strategic alignment between marketing and with corporate initiatives.”

We do “data” everyday!

Expert people and comprehensive services to act as an extension of your marketing team and to help leverage your Platform.

Our team of strategic marketers and analysts eat, sleep, and breathe customer data.

  • Customer Portfolios’ team of analytical and marketing experts design ominichannel lifecycle campaigns whose primary goal is to increase the value of a customer as they move through various lifecycle stages.
  • The Customer Portfolios’ team knows exactly when to reach out to customers with the appropriate individualized offer, product and message.
  • The CP team will function as an extension of your marketing organization and seamlessly help grow your business.



As part of our overall client relationship management, the Customer Portfolios team communicates daily with our clients to develop data-driven marketing strategy that meets the needs of the business.

This support includes:

  • A dedicated team comprised of an account director, account manager, marketing analyst, marketing program specialist, data engineer, and solution architect
  • Collaboration with product team to apply current products to our client’s business needs, as well as create new products based on client needs and industry trends
  • Collaboration with other vendors in the client’s marketing stack, sharing our insights to give the client a full-blown marketing strategy in all areas of the business
  • Regular meetings to discuss health of the customer database, our client’s goals and how current marketing tactics align with those goals
  • Monitoring of marketing performance and generation of recommendations to enhance current strategies
  • Regularly scheduled meetings to review all ongoing projects and initiatives



Customer Portfolios’ strategic marketing analysts work with customer data to identify key metrics that answer our client’s business problems. They help our clients determine what questions to ask, and then provide the answers in visual dashboards.

Their objective is to support your marketing initiatives and help to prioritize these initiatives.

Our analysts work with your data to deliver:

  • Business and campaign level dashboards
  • Future value analysis
  • Strategic insight on conversion of best customers
  • Portfolio value segments identifying customer segments and their profitability
  • Product and offer testing recommendations
  • Development and QA of list segmentation



You have the right customer segments, campaign creative, and messaging – all that’s left to do is execute. We work side by side with brands to execute targeted, omnichannel lifecycle campaigns.

Such outbound channels include: email, direct marketing, catalogs, clienteling, call centers, social media, and mobile marketing. Our talented subject matter experts will build, test, validate, and launch omnichannel marketing campaigns.

There are a lot of moving parts that go into the development of a targeted ad hoc, or lifecycle campaign send. Customer Portfolios can perform these efforts on behalf of our clients to ensure all campaigns are deployed successfully.

Allowing the CP team to take action will provide you and your team with more time to focus on other initiatives.

These additional services include:

  • Full HTML email creation and link tracking
  • Dynamic content and personalization
  • Proofing and QA of all outbound communication
  • A/B subject line and content testing
  • Development and QA of list segmentation
  • Full campaign build and launch using CP’s MARCIE Workbench
  • Deliverability monitoring