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Perfect Pixel is putting power back into the hands of brands

Every time customers and prospects hit your website or mobile app, they leave behind a trail of activity that indicates both their current and future value – and this data is going everywhere, except to its rightful owner – the brand.

Perfect Pixel is a one-of-a-kind customer and business data collector that enables brands to understand how customers and prospects navigate across digital properties. As customers click through an email, log into their accounts or make a purchase, there is a persistent connection made between their digital activity and their CRM identity.

own your data with perfect pixel!

With Perfect Pixel you’ll understand how customers and prospects navigate across digital channels.

Perfect Pixel allows brands to see a customer’s journey once they hit your website

Track digital moments that matter. When customers go to your website, what did they do? What products did they look at? What ended up in their shopping carts? With Perfect Pixel, brands can capture these moments to understand a customer’s journey once they hit your website.

Own marketing attribution. No more guesswork or reliance on black box attribution models to understand which digital campaigns are having the biggest impact on customer conversion. Perfect Pixel collects data across all touchpoints and ties it to a purchase or a conversion event – all within your own CRM database.

Uncover digital’s impact. A customer’s path to purchase is not linear – they are researching products online, comparing prices on their phone, and eventually purchasing in-store. For brands, it can be nearly impossible to connect the data across channels. Perfect Pixel allows brands to understand the impact that digital has on in-store purchases.

Perfect Pixel: Enhancing a Customer Profile for personalized marketing

The power is strong with you

For too long, marketers have struggled to gain control of their own customers’ browsing data.  This includes the inability to connect online activity to offline sales to enhance digital campaign attribution and 1:1 marketing.

  • Perfect Pixel tracks activity that is relevant to marketers such as referring source, product views, cart abandonment and order conversion
  • These behaviors are then connected to a customer’s CRM identify and added to their behavioral profile.
  • Providing a more holistic view of a customer’s relationship with the brand, Perfect Pixel delivers further intelligence to drive incremental revenue through increasingly relevant marketing campaigns
  • This intelligence is used to create targeted outbound communications that directly tie to a customer’s behavior online and in-store

This helps brands fulfill their promise of 1:1, customer-centric marketing which in turn increases a customer’s lifetime value.

powered by perfect pixel

The convergence of AdTech and MarTech.

For too long, marketers have relied on media partners to execute campaigns in a vacuum.

We marry AdTech and MarTech by sharing the CP Customer Profile enhanced by Perfect Pixel.

This provides brands the ability to leverage both online and offline behavioral data in their digital look-alike modeling to ensure that the right message goes to the right customer at the right time.

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