At Customer Portfolios, we help retail banks make sense of their customer data

Retail banking is undergoing a sea of change, with emerging forms of competition and empowered customers who require a seamless experience regardless.

To thrive in this environment, retail banks need to optimize service levels in an effort to attract new customers and grow as well as cross-sell to existing customers.

At Customer Portfolios, we help retail banks make sense of their data by bringing together disparate sources and analyzing various segments to understand customer behavior. Our Next-Best-Offer (NBO) marketing solution leverages predictive analytics to determine the best cross-sell, up-sell, or retention offer or product to deliver to customers through both digital and direct channels.

We empower retail banks with customer data to make Next Best Offers with measurable returns

Analysis of your business for steady growth

  • We conduct detailed analysis of your retail banking customer base to provide a complete understanding of your customers and a framework for segmentation

Segmentation based on customer behavior

  • We answer questions about your core segments through behavioral-based segmentation


  • Based on customer segments, we make strategic Next Best Offer (NBO) product recommendations to cross-sell customers to different banking products and services


  •  Execute targeted multi-touch campaigns across digital and direct channels to engage customers and prospects with the right message at the right time

LOYALTY programs

  •  While there is no one-size-fits-all solution for loyalty, we help retail banks develop and execute a loyalty program that retains customers and grows their future value

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