Creating a positive customer experience across all channels is crucial for any brand

In today’s customer-centric environment, the customer experience across all channels is a major factor in determining how and where people shop. Customers have come to expect some degree of personalization and engagement when interacting with a brand. However, often the brand isn’t aligned with the customers’ expectation.

Our Customer Experience Analysis is a detailed audit of a customer’s engagement with your brand that identifies any potential or existing gaps. We audit each possible channel and compile what information was asked of the end user, and what information was being reciprocated to the customer to create a unique. 1:1 experience.

Multichannel shoppers require multichannel analysis tools

Shoppers engage with brands through a multitude of different channels, creating a challenge for marketers who need to maintain a seamless customer experience across all touchpoints.

During a Customer Experience Analysis, Customer Portfolios will monitor a brand’s:

  • Online Experience
  • Catalog/DM Experience
  • Social Sites Experience
  • Loyalty Experience
  • In-store Experience
  • Digital Experience
  • Mobile Experience

We replicate the engagement process to show brands the importance of:

  • Aligning specific communications to specific behaviors
  • Capturing certain customer data points
  • Having consistent messaging throughout channels.

Good data = Great customers

Insights and analysis allow you to see customer experiences across multiple channels.

Our Customer Experience Analysis allows brands to see first-hand how their customers are being treated and how one missing item or an item not in alignment with another, can lead to an unsatisfactory customer experience.

From our analysis, we identify where a brand’s experience needs to be altered to improve customer satisfaction and identify the process and technology that need to be implemented to improve the experience.

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