Analytics is just stagnant information unless you put it into action – then it becomes intelligence

Adios, black box solutions. See ya' consultants who provide insights without execution...

We want results!

At Customer Portfolios, we understand how frustrating it can be being a marketer in this rapidly changing landscape, and without the proper set of tools and support, keeping customers becomes more and more challenging each day.

Customer Portfolios Strategic Services bring together the right people and a best in class platform to deliver the strategic services and solutions you need to leverage your data to increase customer acquisition, retention, and lifetime value. Your customers behaviors are constantly changing. With our Strategic Services, you can stay a step ahead of them.

Hands-on partnership to give you a best in class CRM solution

CRM Best Practices Workshop:
It’s more challenging than ever to be a marketer, but with the right partners, you take out the guess work.

  • Today’s customers are scattered across every channel and device, making data bigger and more disparate than ever before
  • Our CRM Best Practices Workshop provides brands the foundation to leverage data to become a customer-centric organization that increase customer value

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Maximize the value of your customers with our CRM Blueprint

CP Customer Blueprint:
Customers are the biggest assets to ones business.

  • To maximize the potential value of your customers, it is essential to have the right information, processes, and technology in place
  • Our CP Customer Blueprint implements the right strategies to identify the relationship between customer needs and revenue stream

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Todays shoppers engage with brands through many different channels

Will the real “smartwatch wearing, IPhone using, direct mail reading customer” please stand up!

Customer Experience Analysis:
Marketers are now forced to communicate with multi-channel customers.

This is creating a complex challenge for marketers who need to maintain a seamless customer experience across all touchpoints.

  • To blend these touchpoints, Customer Portfolios conducts an audit of each channel that a customer can interact with and identifies the gaps along the customer experience
  • With this data, we can now provide strategic recommendations on how brands can take a customer-centric approach at every customer interaction

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