Bring your customer behavior into focus

Customer Portfolios empowers brands to become truly customer-centric by creating a single holistic view of each individual that combines unique descriptive characteristics with cross-channel behaviors.

The CP Customer Profile leverages a robust customer identity system that unifies customer activity across all channels and sources to create a single, actionable customer identifier.

A complete profile provides access to your customers’ past, present and future to enlighten your marketing. Our data collection goes far beyond basic transactional and demographic overlays to give a unique view of the customer that allows businesses to focus on the most actionable data, models future behaviors and easily pivots to execution. Quite simply, our Customer Profile provides easy access to what your customers look like today, how they got there and where they are going tomorrow.

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We’re Flexible

It’s your customer data – you should own it. We work with brands to access their customer data and help share it with the right channel partners to facilitate personalized marketing across any outbound marketing channel.

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We’re Scalable

The CP Customer Profile is a living, breathing, view of your customers that grows with your business. As you collect more data about your customers and their changing behaviors, we integrate this information into how we view them.

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We’re Actionable

We work with your brand to leverage the individual customer profiles to develop targeted lifecycle marketing campaigns across out all outbound channels that break through the white noise and are timely and relevant to where customers are in their lifecycle.

you don’t know joe like we know joe!

The CP Customer Profile provides a complete view of the customer.

Meet Joe. Joe recently made his 4th purchase at a retailer.

  • While traditional profiles can tell you what Joe has purchased, our enhanced CP Customer Profile translates details of that purchase into next best actions that will maximize Joe’s value to the brand.
  • Our comprehensive data collection process tells us about Joe’s preferred product category, that Joe is a gifter and buys for his wife. He typically makes his purchases in-store and he tends to buy in the spring.

The CP Customer Profile provides the in-depth information you’ll need to maximize the value of all of Joe’s … and Jane’s data out there!

Stop selling products and start building customer relationships.

Create an orchestrated customer experience across any channel or device.

Deliver the CP Customer Profile – Anyplace, Anytime!

The CP Customer Profile can be delivered to any outbound marketing channel to enable personalized marketing that optimizes the customer experience.

We are vendor agnostic and partner with:

  • ESPs, DSP’s/DMP’s
  • Web personalization engines
  • Clienteling platforms & catalog mail houses

The CP Customer Profile helps brands create an Unbroken Customer Experience.