Left-brained, right-brained, and everything in between

Entrepreneurial team on a mission. Our team includes some of the most talented database architects, analytics specialists, and customer-centric marketers in the industry. We like a good challenge, and we take pride in applying our skills to execute targeted and measurable marketing tactics to help our clients grow

Augie MacCurrach


Augie founded Customer Portfolios in 2001 as a way for brands to grow profitable customer relationships. Augie leads Customer Portfolios' pursuit of helping our clients become customer-centric businesses.

Nick Godfrey

EVP, Co-Founder

As a co-founder of Customer Portfolios, Nick leads new business and partnership initiatives. A strategic force and a pulse for the market, Nick ensures alignment across all organizational functions

Christine Fan

VP, Operations

Denise DeSisto

VP, Marketing Automation & Product Innovation

Jared Lazzaro

Director of Product Development

Raffi Yardemian

VP, Business Development

Charlie Thorne

VP, Service Delivery

Kim Mlodzinksi

Account Director

Jenny Lum

Team Lead, Marketing Analytics

Michael Coffey

Team Lead, Solution Architect

Ankita Patel

Team Lead, Data Engineering