What do Miles Davis, John Lennon & David Bowie all have in common?

Aside from the obvious, these musical greats were masters of their craft. They were part artist and part scientist. They taught us that music is not random, but methodically thought out. And at the foundation of every artistic expression is a scientific approach. A certain level of exploration along with an understanding of the “language of music”. How notes, cliffs, melody all join together to produce some of the most well known songs and artistic expression.

Similar to our love for music – as evidenced by the posters that line our office walls – at Customer Portfolios our expression of “art meets sciences” is visible in our leadership in the field of Lifecycle Marketing and Analytics. Since 2001, we’ve helped marketers bridge the delta by marrying CRM and advanced analytics to uncover unique customer insights. These perils of customer behavior provide the foundation for segmentation and 1:1 customer marketing.

This is Customer Portfolios!

We’re combining mid-brain marketing prowess and endless creativity to push the limits on how we help our clients grow and retain best customers

To be successful you need the right tools, technology and the right people.

To have such a meaningful impact for our clients requires the right technology and the right people.

Customer Portfolios has both!

Just like well written music that transcends time, our people and marketing platform blend together technology, creativity, rhythm and balance to deliver a marketing melody our clients love hearing. Now that’s music to all of our ears!

“The strength of the team is each member… the strength of each member is the team”

We know that a solid foundation is the benchmark of every winning team.

We are a team of passionate, customer-centric marketers committed to helping leading brands harness their customer data and execute targeted and measurable marketing campaigns across all channels.

These highly personalized, multichannel campaigns deliver impactful messages that build consumer value and long-term profitable relationships. That’s a win-win on our team!

Some of the great brands we partner with