Our hands-on partnerships give you a best in class CRM solution

Customer Relations Management is a true team effort

At Customer Portfolios, we believe that Customer Relationship Management is the sum of the people, processes, and technologies that work together to attract target customers, to grow the value of existing customers and to retain profitable customers for as long as possible.

We paint a clear picture for your team!

From brainstorming to breakout sessions, Customer Portfolios works together with your team!

Our Best Practices Workshop is a customizable, high-impact 2-day workshop designed to help your business architecture support CRM processes and to build long and profitable relationship with your customers.

We customize the content to your business, based on a brief pre-workshop discussion and questionnaire.

Best Practices Workshops: 

We work with brands, helping them understand and implement the best practices to:

  • Manage the customer touchpoints with your company, i.e. website, email, catalog, in-store, phone, etc.
  • Capture all customer data and their interactions with the company
  • Analyze customer intelligence and marketing opportunities
  • Plan lifecycle marketing campaigns
  • Execute marketing tactics, communications and identify business rules
  • Close the loop and measure results

Hands on, one-on-one training sessions make sure you have a full understanding of the entire Customer Portfolio toolkit.

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We have a different way of viewing your customers.

In doing so, we help brands change their mindset on how the they view customers.

Instead of viewing transactions, we help brands build sustainable and profitable relationships with loyal, lifelong customers that drive incremental revenue.

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