Marketing Tools

Tools that Drive Enagement and Conversion

Marketing at the Local Level (MALL)

With our MALL application, local marketing groups or agencies can insert custom content into National promotions that is relevant for specific stores or regional markets.


This is an in-store application that allows store associates to utilize the customer database to get a 360 degree view of individual customers. This enables them to increase efficiency and further develop relationships by communicating directly with customers via email, post card, phone call or whatever channel the customer prefers.

Digital Coupons

Digital Coupons are barcode-trackable coupons that are sent to customers using the Marketing Workbench offer management tool; each coupon/offer can be tracked back to the customer. The digital coupons can enforce business/offer rules at the eCommerce/POS level.

Profile/ Subscription Center

Profile/Subscription Center is a central place that integrates and collects the multiple actions/touch points of the customer with the brand and it is connected via API meaning that most of the data is updated in near real time.

Lights-Out Marketing

Lights Out Marketing is fully-automated lifecycle marketing that drives a customer’s lifetime value up. Fully scalable and driven by trigger-based and rules-based logic, Lights Out Marketing programs execute targeted, measurable programs that send specific messages to specific customers at a specific time.

With Lights-Out Marketing you are able to: