Portfolio Pathing

Game Changing Customer Opportunity Analysis

For each Portfolio Pathing project, we analyze customer data to determine behavior-based portfolio segments and their lifecycle path. From this analysis we identify immediate marketing opportunities for rapid revenue generation and current customer growth. The path of the portfolio is based on the customer lifecycle – from prospect to single-purchase customer, to multi-purchase customer, to loyal return customer, and ultimately, long-term best customer. Deliverables include:

Customer Profile Table – Single view and understanding of each customer’s relationship with your brand

Baseline Metric Reports – Business performance reports to monitor your key performance metrics over time

Behavior-Based Portfolio Segments with Personas – A series of actionable behavior-based segments to drive targeted communications

Lifecycle Path Definition and Strategy – Detail of relevant lifecycle marketing to fuel building best customer behavior. The lifecycle path looks at the actionable opportunities identified within the intersections of the segments.

Immediate Tactical Opportunities – Defined tactical marketing programs to target specific customer needs.

We build behavior-based portfolio segments by identifying the separating points of difference like: