Marketing Database

Your marketing database is the heart of your marketing platform. We will design, build and maintain a phenomenal, high-performance, Marketing Database that incorporates data from all your customer touch points, as well as behavioral information from social and mobile channels and closed-loop feedback from your outbound marketing programs.

As a matter of course, all data is subject to rigorous data hygiene, including merging, purging and de-duplication. The data is then analyzed and customers segmented according to their behavior patterns. The result is a virtual living resource of inherently actionable data designed to drive greater revenue by driving ever-more-effective marketing programs.

Relevant database schemas include:

  • Subscription-based Services
  • Inbound Responses
  • Payments
  • Customer Lifecycle Stages

  • Outbound Contacts
  • Web Observations
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Customer Loyalty/Points