How it Works

Marketing Workbench

How it Works

The Workbench lives on top of your marketing database providing working access to the data. The Workbench comprises our remarkably sophisticated analysis of your customer data along with the exceptional executional tools needed to quickly take full advantage of the opportunities identified. These tools include:

Campaign Manager

Using Campaigns, Programs, Cells and Offers, the Campaign Manager turns the execution and measurement of targeted, measurable programs into an exact science.

List Manager

Our List Manager gives you access to the entire schema so you can pull segmented lists directly from the database. Unlike competitive solutions, our List Manager allows users to standardize and reuse saved code.

Offer Management

This feature enables you to set up all types of offers and track them. Anything that is clickable can be considered an offer. Offers are a conversion action, usually an invitation to visit a website or bricks-and-mortar store along with a savings incentive to motivate the visit.

Program Scheduler

Program Scheduler is used to automate lifecycle lights-out programs – everything from planning and development through to execution and measurement of results.

Campaign Landing Pages

Landing pages are essential for capturing tracking data. We can create general or program-specific landing pages that are connected to the core website and allow you to close the loop to determine the effectiveness of each campaign.

Loyalty Rewards

The Marketing Workbench can manage Loyalty Rewards programs. Typically, Rewards programs consist of triggered communications that target customers at different stages in their lifecycle, and leverage “rewards” as the incentive to drive engagement and nurture migration within the loyalty structure.