Our Platform

Where Technology and Marketing Meet

On their own, your Marketing Database and Marketing Workbench are truly remarkable. Working together, they are a thing of beauty: our Digital Services Platform. With our experts at the helm, this Platform provides a total, end-to-end solution that redefines the very concept of Digital Services.

We can capture your customer data. Scrub it. Format it. Analyze your customers’ behavior. Group customers into portfolios. Scrutinize what they’ve done in the past. Get actionable insights into what they like. What they don’t like. And what they’re likely to do next. We then develop a solid strategy and take action by inserting engaging and actionable creative and sending it their way at just the right time, via just the right channel, with just the right message to drive rapid response – and even “rapider” sales.

And it can all be done automatically, lights-out, or ad-hoc in relation to your ever-evolving marketing calendar.

Marketing Database

Your marketing database is the heart of your marketing platform. We will design, build and maintain a phenomenal, high-performance, Marketing Database that incorporates data from all your customer touch points, as well as behavioral information from social and mobile channels and closed-loop feedback from your outbound marketing programs.

As a matter of course, all data is subject to rigorous data hygiene, including merging, purging and de-duplication. The data is then analyzed and customers segmented according to their behavior patterns. The result is a virtual living resource of inherently actionable data designed to drive greater revenue by driving ever-more-effective marketing programs.

Relevant database schemas include:

  • Subscription-based Services
  • Inbound Responses
  • Payments
  • Customer Lifecycle Stages

  • Outbound Contacts
  • Web Observations
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Customer Loyalty/Points

Marketing Workbench

Available on a subscription basis, The Marketing Workbench makes your Marketing Database accessible and actionable. It is your command center for developing and deploying individual and ongoing automated marketing programs.


Your Marketing Workbench accesses your Marketing Database to provide you with:

The Workbench will also integrate your Marketing Database with third-party marketing platform applications and ESP’s to build and manage campaigns, create lists, deploy programs, and access reports.


How it Works