Our Approach

At Customer Portfolios, we utilize a segment-based, end-to-end, lifecycle marketing approach that’s been proven to generate incremental revenue and grow customer value naturally. The idea is to identify and motivate the ideal (think revenue!) engagement behavior at each point along the customer lifecycle.

We are driven by data. It means we’re deriving the greatest possible value from your customers at every step of the way, while ensuring that your relationship is a long, happy, and prosperous one.


We start by integrating incoming data from all customer touch points (along with your existing data) to build you a truly phenomenal high-performance database. That’s the (relatively) easy part. What we also offer – which other’s can’t even touch – is our even-more-phenomenal Marketing Workbench. Combine the sophisticated analytical and executional power of our Marketing Workbench with the rich information resources of your (recently-revitalized) marketing database, and you’ve got the Customer Portfolios Digital Services Platform – the platform that is setting a new standard for the industry.

We are exceptionally effective in our ability to measure and build customer engagement with your company and brand. We utilize an end-to-end, lifecycle marketing approach that’s been proven to grow customer value naturally by identifying and motivating the ideal engagement behavior at each point along the customer lifecycle. Each customer is approached as an individual and treated according to their unique needs, wants and behavior patterns as identified within our sophisticated marketing framework. Our approach has been proven to deliver the results marketers like you most desire:

  • Improved customer engagement and conversion
  • Increased customer value
  • High-potential customer acquisition
  • Greater customer retention rates
  • Incremental revenue

Insights are great. Timely targeted execution is essential. But it’s all just a shot in the dark if you don’t close the loop and learn something from the effort. With CP, all of our marketing campaigns are designed to be closed-loop and measurable.  Every outbound action generates an inbound reaction of some kind. A click-through, a sale, a tweet. Even “no response” is a kind of response. We capture these responses and feed them back into your database. Each becomes a measure of the success of the campaign, and another vital data point in understanding that customer. Better understanding leads to better insights and ever-more-effective campaigns. The result is a more accurate determination of program effectiveness and ROI.

More importantly, the data captured can populate fresh results reports — clearly highlighting actionable opportunities — so programs can continuously be analyzed and improved. From these insights, our resident customer strategy geniuses are able to identify sales and revenue opportunities and develop tactical marketing initiatives to carry your customers through a high-value lifecycle.